Download mdV Version 0.9
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To use, simply unzip the file and run mdV.exe

In its simplest form, mdV is a command line utility that calculates and displays the MD5 checksum of a file. Type mdV on its own for an explanation of all command line options (see below).

You can use V's 4DOS support to display the MD5 checksum in the V directory listing.

To do this, use the -4 option to store the MD5 in the 4DOS Description (which is stored in the hidden file DESCRIPT.ION).

To view the description (ie, MD5) in V, enable 4DOS support (in the Directory Options tab of Preferences). The MD5 will then be displayed in the Description column.

Note that you do not have to be running 4DOS to do this. However, if you are running 4DOS, any current file description will be overwritten by the MD5 checksum.

Note that if a file is modified, the MD5 will not be automatically recalculated. You will need to run mdV again to do this.

You can set up a User Command in V that uses mdV to calculate the MD5 of selected files or even all the files in the current directory.

MDV version 0.9
Copyright (C) 2004 Charles Prineas. All Rights Reserved. (Freeware)

Calculates the MD5 Hash of a file.

Usage: MDV FileName(s) [-4] [-q] [-u]

where:     FileName is the name of the file
           -4       Places the MD5 hash in the 4DOS description
           -q       Suppresses all output (quiet mode)
           -u       Uses UPPER case characters in the MD5

           MDV FileName
           MDV File1 File2 File3
           MDV *.avi -4
           MDV *.avi *.mp? -4 -q

WARNING:   Using the -4 option will replace any existing 4DOS description.