How To Get Help

For a detailed description of V's main features and how to use them, please consult the V Help File (press F1 while in V). Use the Index and Find tabs to search for what you are looking for.

If you want to know how to enable or disable a feature, take a look at all the options in the Preferences (select Preferences from the View menu or press Alt+P). Also try right-clicking to see what options are available.

The Service Release Page, contains a description of recent bug fixes. If you would like to be notified of new version releases, please join the V Update List.

Support Forum

Questions, bug reports and suggestions should be sent via email to,

The V Support Forum is a read-only forum containing searchable FAQs and announcements.

Click here to enter the V Support Forum

Known Bugs (and features :-)

  • If you change/add a file association while V is running, V will continue to display the old file icons. In some cases, incorrect icons may be displayed. To fix this, you will have to restart V.
  • File tailing may not work on network drives (particularly Unix drives).
  • Using "." as the In Directory when doing a GREP may not work on network drives.
  • Greenbar does not always display properly in Print Preview - but it should print correctly.
  • Displaying Unicode files with foreign characters requires a font to be used that supports all characters in the file.
  • When a directory is entered into the Directory box, V will select the directory in the Explorer tree. This does not always work if the directory is a UNC (ie, in the format \\Computer\Directory)