Buy from BMT Micro

Buy from BMT Micro    

Click on the above link to place an order with BMT Micro.

For multi-user licenses, enter the required number
of licenses underneath Qty and press the Recalculate button.

A single user license costs US$20
(and includes 6 years of free upgrades).

Multiple user pricing is listed in the table below.

Number of Users Cost per User
1 to 9 $20 5 users = $100
10 to 24 $17 10 users = $170
25 to 49 $14 25 users = $350
50 to 99 $11 50 users = $550
100 to 499 $8 250 users = $2,000
Unlimited &
OEM Licenses
Click Here

Registered User Name

After registering, the Registered User Name will be displayed in the V About Box.

Depending on which order form is used, there will be a field called Registered User Name or Licensed To which should be used to enter the name that you want displayed in the About Box. If it is left blank, the program will be registered to the name on the credit card.

What happens after I place my order?

Once you have submitted your order, you will be immediately sent a Temporary Registration Code (via email) which will temporarily remove the V Nag Box.

You should receive a Permanent Registration Code within 24 hours. This code is used to register the program.

If you have not received your permanent code within 24 hours, please send an email to

Upgrade Discount

Registered users are entitled to a 15% discount when upgrading, however, a valid Discount Code must be entered in the Order Form.

If you do not have a Discount Code, please send an email containing your current Registered User Name to

You should receive your discount code within 24 hours. If you don't, please send an email to

Buy from FastSpring

Buy from FastSpring    

Click on the above link to place an order with FastSpring.

(Make sure you enter the correct Quantity for multi-user licenses)


Buy using PayPal


Click on the above link to pay using PayPal.

Unlimited License

Click here to place an order for an Unlimited License

Phone Orders

If you prefer to speak to somebody, you can call BMT Micro on one of the following numbers:

North American Residents 800-414-4268
International Customers 910-792-9100

Simply tell them that you want to register V (product# 36400).

BMT Micro also accepts purchase orders. See box to the right.

Purchase Orders

Terms are Net 30 days and must be for a minimum of $250. For orders less than $250, payment must accompany the order.

If you would like to place a purchase order, call BMT Micro on one of the numbers on the left or email them at orders at

If you live in Australia and would like to place a purchase order, please send an email to

Online Purchase Orders with FastSpring

To place a purchase order with FastSpring, simply select the Purchase Order payment option on the FastSpring order form.

FastSpring will send you an electronic, clickable or printable invoice (due within 30 days). You will receive your license as soon as the invoice has been paid.

Click here to order from FastSpring