Freeware by Charles Prineas

I have made the following programs available in case others find them useful. All programs are freeware, and may be freely distributed without further permission from the author (ie, me).

If you have any feedback on the programs, please send me an email.


VBackup is a Windows command line backup program (similar to XCOPY and ROBOCOPY), but with file versioning.

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A FREE hex calculator for iOS and Android

CPHexCalc Screen Shot


TuFix is a command line program that converts CSV or TAB delimited files into fixed record length files for easier viewing. After conversion, the corresponding fields in each record will all start at the same column position.

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mdV is a command line utility that calculates the MD5 checksum of a file and (optionally) stores the checksum in the 4DOS description. This description can then be displayed in V by enabling 4DOS support.

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VClone is a command line program that enables most of the V settings to be transferred to another PC/user. It exports the settings to a file which can then be imported on another PC.

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Obfuscate is a program that removes sensitive data from text files without altering the layout of the file. The obfuscated file can then be sent for testing purposes.

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