What's New in Version 15?

Version 15 of The V File Viewer can now be downloaded from the Download page.

High DPI Support

The main new feature in Version 15 is high DPI support.

When running on high resolution monitors, Windows will automatically use a scaling factor (125% or 150% is typical) to increase the size of text and other user interface elements (eg, icons and buttons). Unfortunately, this has the effect of making V look a bit blurry.

With the high DPI support in V15, V recognizes that it is running on a high resolution monitor and adjusts the user interface accordingly. Windows no longer scales the text and V once again looks crisp and sharp!

V15 also introduces Tab Sets and a new Highlight All functionality.

Tab Sets

FolderTabs are a great way of bookmarking often visited folders. You can quickly go to a folder by clicking on its tab. However, FolderTabs can get a bit messy once you start having many folders. This is where Tab Sets are useful.

Tab Sets allow you to create several different sets of tabs and decide which set to use based on what you are doing. For example, you can use one set of tabs when you are organizing your photo collection, another set of tabs for your music, another for your documents and spreadsheets and another set for general use.

To save the current tabs in a Tab Set, right-click on any tab and select Save as Tab Set. To load in a new Tab Set, right-click on any tab and select Load Tab Set.

Highlight All

The Highlight All functionality has changed in V15. Previously, only all occurrences of the search string were highlighted. As of V15, all occurrences of the selected text are highlighted.

For example, if you double-click on a word, all occurrences of that word will be highlighted.

For further information on the new features, look in the What's New in V15? section of the V Help File.

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