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VBackup Limitations

Command Line Backup with file versioning

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VBackup Limitations

Postby FileViewer » Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:16 pm

As mentioned in a previous post, I wrote VBackup for my personal use, not as a general purpose backup program.
Although it has several limitations, it provides me with all the functionality I need.

If others find VBackup useful, I will look at expanding its functionality.

Some of the limitations of VBackup are:

    It does not support restartable copies
    It does not copy Security Descriptors/ACL (NTFS)
    It does not support VSS/shadow copy. In particular, it will not copy files that are locked (eg, Outlook .pst files)
    On Windows 7 and Vista, it may need to be run as Administrator (depending on the directory that is to be copied)
    It ignores volume mounts/reparse points
    You can only restore to an empty (or non-existent) directory
    No compression
    No encryption

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