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Directory Structure

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Directory Structure

Postby dbrannick » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:31 am

Is there a way to use V to create entire directory structure? I have a directory structure of about 20 sub-dirs that I would like to duplicate. I don't want to copy the files contained within the from directories but the directory organization. To help clarify, I have a September directory and now I'd like to duplicate this into and October directory structure. Can V do this?

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Re: Directory Structure

Postby FileViewer » Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:13 pm

Is there a way to use V to create entire directory structure?

There is no copy command in V to do this - but you can create a User Command which makes use of Windows XCOPY.

The following XCOPY command should do what you want:

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xcopy /t /e /i September October

To Create a User Command in V, select Organize/Configure from the UserCommands menu. Press the Insert Command button and then press the Rename button to give the command a name (like Clone Directory Structure).

Enter XCOPY as the Command Path and /t /e /i %f as the Command Options and enable Prompt for extra options. Then press OK to save the command.

To clone the directory, you would select the directory to be cloned in the V directory listing (eg, September) and then select the User Command from the UserCommands menu. You will then be prompted for the extra options where you should enter the name of the new directory (eg, October). If the new directory name contains spaces you should enclose it in double quotes (eg, "Directory with Spaces").

BTW: I am not sure if XCOPY ships with Windows 7 (in C:\Windows\System32). If not, it can be easily found on the web.

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