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Version 12 - Preview 3

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Version 12 - Preview 3

Postby FileViewer » Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:01 pm

The third preview of V12 can now be downloaded from

Alternatively, you can select Check For Updates from V's Help menu.

The following is new in Preview 3:

Synchronized scrolling with multiple files open

When multiple files are open, scrolling can be synchronized by right-clicking on the scrollbar and selecting Synchronize Scrolling. Once enabled, whenever one window is scrolled (either via the keyboard or the mouse), all other file windows are scrolled by the same amount.

Note that synchronized scrolling only applies to file windows - it does not apply to the directory listing.

Compatibility Files displayed in Directory Listing (Vista/Win7)

When using Windows Explorer on Vista/Windows 7, a Compatibility Files button will sometimes appear in the toolbar.

This indicates that the directory being viewed has a corresponding virtual folder. This virtual folder is created when some older programs (not designed to run on Vista/Win7) try to create files in certain protected directories (like Program Files). Instead of breaking the program (by not allowing a file to be created in the protected directory), Windows redirects the file to a virtual folder where the user has permission to create it.

Whenever V encounters a directory with corresponding Compatibility Files, it will include a <Compatibility Files> directory entry at the top of the directory listing. Double-clicking on Compatibility Files will display the corresponding virtual directory (which is not really a subdirectory of the directory being viewed).

If you are using the dual pane mode, you can display the virtual directory in the other pane by right-clicking on Compatibility Files and selecting Open in Other Pane.

Note that the Compatibility Files entry only appears in the Directory Listing - it does not appear in the corresponding Explorer tree.

The Compatibility Files feature can be disabled by selecting Hide Compatibility Files from the Hide submenu of the main View menu.

Allow Partial Name Match / Regex option in GREP

2 new options appear underneath the file mask (Named) in Find Files/GREP.

Allow Partial Name Match
Previously, if you wanted to search for file names that contained string, you would have to specify a mask of *string*. You can now simply specify a file mask of string and enable Allow Partial Name Match. This will match all files that have string in their name (including the extension).

Regular Expression
This indicates that the file mask is a regular expression.

Note that this option is different from the Regular Expression option at the bottom of the Text Search tab which indicates that the search string is a regular expression.

I look forward to your feedback.


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