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VBackup Command Line Options

Command Line Backup with file versioning

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VBackup Command Line Options

Postby FileViewer » Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:32 pm

VBackup is a Command Line Program - it must be run from a Windows Command Prompt.

You can obtain a list of valid options by running VBackup -?

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VBackup Version 0.5 (Freeware)
Copyright (c) 2010 Charles Prineas. All Rights Reserved.

Usage:   VBackup Source Destination [options]

           Source   The directory to back up
      Destination   The directory where Source will be backed up to
:: Options:
               /?   Display this help screen
               /C   Continue with backup if an error occurs
               /R   Restore the latest backup
              /RP   Restore previous backup (you will be prompted with available backups)
      RP:YYYYMMDD   Restore backup made on YYYY/MM/DD
               /L   List Only - do not backup any files
               /Q   Quiet mode - suppress output
              /NS   Do not backup subdirectories
             /LSK   Log skipped files
             /LUN   Log unchanged files
             /NBS   Do not create a backup set

  /IF file [file]   Only backup files matching name/mask
  /XF file [file]   Exclude files matching name/mask
    /ID dir [dir]   Only backup directories matching name/mask
    /XD dir [dir]   Exclude directories matching name/mask

 /IFV file [file]   Only make version backup of files matching name/mask
 /XFV file [file]   Do not make version backup of files matching name/mask

        /MAX:size   Do not back up files greater than size
       /MAXV:size   Do not make version backups of files greater than size

       /NAME:name   Give the backup a meaningful name (which can be used when restoring)
        /LOG:file   Output to log file (overwrite existing log)
       /LOG+:file   Output to log file (append to existing log)
     /UNILOG:file   Output to Unicode log file (overwrite existing log)
    /UNILOG+:file   Output to Unicode log file (append to existing log)
:: Examples:
       VBackup C:\Source D:\Backups\Source /XF *.tmp *.bak /XD Release Debug /NAME:"Version 11"
       VBackup /R D:\Backups\Source C:\Source.Restore
       VBackup /R /NAME:"Version 11" D:\Backups\Source "C:\Source.Version 11"


    Use quotes around names if they contain spaces
    Only ONE source directory can be specified
    File names (or masks) must be passed using /IF
    You can only restore to an empty (or non-existent) directory
    Multiple files/directories can be specified after /IF /ID /XF /XD (separated by a space)
    Skipped files are files that are not backed up due to them being excluded from the backup (by using /XF or /IF). These files do not appear in the backup set.
    Unchanged files are files that are not backed up because they have not changed, but do appear in the backup set.
The size specified in /MAX and /MAXV can be terminated by a K, M or G to indicate KB, MB or GB. For example, 10M can be used to specify 10 megabytes (ie, 10 * 1024 * 1024 = 10485760).

Version backups are stored in the .VBackups directory of the destination directory.

A backup set is a text file which is created in the destination directory. It contains a list of all the files that were backed up.
If you use the /NBS option, you will not be able to use VBackup to restore older versions of files. However, you will still be able to restore the files manually.

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