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Support for XMIT and AWS Files

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Support for XMIT and AWS Files

Postby FileViewer » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:21 pm

V13 adds support for XMIT and AWS files. These are uncompressed archives (containing multiple files) that are used in IBM mainframe environments.

V will now treat these files just like other supported archives (such as ZIP, RAR and CAB). That is, when you double click on one of these archives, you will see a listing of the files they contain.

The screenshot below shows V displaying the contents of a large AWS archive.


You can view a file by double-clicking on it in the AWS/XMIT file list. You can also extract any of the files just as you would extract files from a ZIP archive.

The screenshot below shows V displaying an EBCDIC file contained in an XMI archive.


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