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Version 14 - Service Release 4

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Version 14 - Service Release 4

Postby FileViewer » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:40 pm

The fourth service release for Version 14 is now available on the Downloads page.

Service Release 4 adds the following:

  • Upgraded 7zxa.dll (for .7z support)
  • Improved tooltip tracking when moving over Grid header
  • German Translation
SR4 also fixes the following problems:

  • V would sometimes crash when exiting a vertically split file view
  • Shift+Click selection sometimes did not work on XP
  • CSV header tooltip was not displayed for columns with no description
  • Problem with summing columns if some numbers were negative
  • Once the View Clipboard menu was shown as Empty, it would always stay empty
  • 2nd Explorer window sometimes not sized correctly in Horizontal split mode when maximized

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