Version 14

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Version 14

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Version 14 of The V File Viewer can now be downloaded from the Downloads page.

V14 contains only one main new feature - the ability to view CSV files (CSV = Comma Separated Value).

CSV files are typically used to represent tabular data, where each line in the file represents a row of a table. Each line contains the text of each column in the row, separated by a comma (although other characters can be used).

By default, V14 will automatically recognize CSV files and will display them as a table - where all the columns have the same width (much like a spreadsheet). Although unlike a spreadsheet, the column widths in V are fixed (determined by the longest entry in the column) and cannot be resized.

Other minor features include:
  • RE to match path (instead of name) option added to Find Files/GREP. This option matches the regular expression mask against the fully qualified file path instead of just the file name.</li>
  • Better recognition of UTF-8 files
  • Will now look for 4DOS descriptions in .description as well as descript.ion
  • Zip/Tar/Cab/BZip now works on files with Unicode file names
  • Fixed FolderTab display when folder name contains "&"
  • Improved crash diagnostics in the crash file
  • x64 version now uses ipworkszip9.dll for ZIP functionality
  • A portable x64 version
Further details can be found in the What's New in Version 14? section of the V Help.

If your current registration is less than 6 years old, you can upgrade to Version 14 for free. The V About Box will indicate if your free upgrades have expired. If your registration is more than 6 years old, you will need to re-register in order to use the new version.


Twitter users can now follow @fileviewer. This will be a very low traffic feed containing announcements of new versions, tips and tricks on using V and perhaps other stuff that I think may be of interest to V users.