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Source code coloring

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Source code coloring

Postby ghostzilla » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:58 am

That is one thing that's missing in V to be the best utility ever! Ability to do basic source code coloring, at least for the most commonly used source files (.c, .cpp, .java, .php I guess). Crimson Editor (a free text editor that I use to edit files looked at with V) is a small editor that has keyword+color mapping for many extensions (and lets user define his own) -- perhaps V can do the same, maybe even borrowing those language maps since they cover pretty much everything. Crimson Editor is open source and the source is free (no GPL, i.e. no strings attached), so maybe that could be a relatively quick solution for this.

Regardless V is still the best utility ever! It would just be neat to have this feature.

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